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Halloween cartoon

Spookiz: The Movie | Cartoons for Kids | Official Full Movie

The dark force is very strong today. My name is Cula and I am a vampire. Because of rather complicated circumstances I’m hiding here in a school for people, or no, I’m more likely to be trapped here. I can’t run away from here but my soul cannot be locked up. Well, the world is too small for me anyway.

Where am I going now? The only freedom I have! Tomato juice! I can’t survive a day without that.

That’s it!

!! Cula, you look really good. Hello, Cula! Everyone likes me so .

.. how annoying. You can’t really do otherwise. Except for one guy, this guy.

He may think he’s my rival but he can only dream about it! Ahh! This person scribbles something on the desk every day. I hate dirty things ..

. Clean and dust everything, then you can sit down nicely. Oh, imagine. Zizi, who is a zombie from head to toe. This is Kong Kong, a Chinese zombie.

This is Kebi, he always plays stupid pranks. Frankie, he always falls for these pranks. The two always stir up unrest. And I always have to worry about these issues. He comes!

He comes! He comes! He’s coming now! Fast! Come on!

No … hold back. Very good, Cula.

You need a lot more practice to hide from people. Make more effort. Today let’s take a closer look at the newest weapon people are using. It’s a cell phone. After investigations it’s supposed to be a very, very powerful weapon.

I know that from where? People use their cell phones … and train so that we can attack at any time.

I’ve seen this before … People can’t go a day without a cell phone to survive. In case you lose it it has a tracking function.

Um, Mr. Reaper! Look over here…

! Gosh no! Cula! Under no circumstances should you touch it. Roger that?

But if! If you touch something that belongs to people … Then you must!

Absolutely! Always! Leave it in the same place! Yes understood..

.! Time for a riddle! What symptoms does a person show who lost his cell phone? Symptoms .

.. symptoms .. Uff, what is it .

..! What is it! Because he doesn’t have a gun he must feel insecure .

. Ah! Because man has no weapon he feels insecure !! Correct!

A person who loses his cell phone will feel very insecure and will be very angry and in a very bad mood.

When evidence such as photos, videos, etc is taken with the cell phone … Kebi!

Quietly! 10 minutes break! Where’s my lollipop Where did he go? Now there is another theater going on ..

. There is a rule in the monster world. Whoever finds it, owns it! It belongs to me! It belongs to me!

My lollipop! Phew … ridiculous .

. All that fuss for a lollipop? Phew, tss! What ..

what ..? Do you want it? Pooh!

No! You can have that …!

I don’t like lollipops! Go away! If i could wish for anything it would be to live in peace without being disturbed.

Why is this here? Hello?

Hello? If you touch something that belongs to people … Then you must!

Absolutely! Always! Leave it in the same place! Oh no ..

. now what? Okay, I just have to put it back quickly! Ow! This is hot!

Ow! Hot, hot, hot! Oh! Ow! Hot Hot!

Hello, Hana! Why are you there so early? Oh …

I lost my cell phone in the classroom yesterday … that’s why I’m here so early. Bye!

Bye! Phew, where is it? Somebody accepted beforehand funny…

Uh? So it’s you who scribbles on my desk every day … Bye!

come to me Have a good time! There are cakes at home! Bye! Bye! Bye!

This cell phone! This is mine! First you steal my cell phone and then you break it ?! Take that!

! Don’t be like that …

Stay here.

I’ll get a teacher. Headmaster, come quickly! Here it is …

huh? Huh? He was right here! I’m telling you they’re ghosts. I saw them wander around last night.

I’ve also heard footsteps in empty classrooms The classroom must have been empty ..! So ..

. what I want to say is I know a very famous exorcist .. how about if i call him? So that’s a great idea!

Give him a call! The ghosts are banished and the whole world then also knows that our school is haunted, right? Parents would love that very much! The students would then also want to come to school, right? Hm!

Pull yourself together and keep working !! Ghost or monster …

if I get that he will regret it! Did you find it hana? Oh oh dear oh dear .. Your cell phone is broken.

To find the culprit … do you have to tell me immediately when you see the strange student again, understand? Yes.

. Hi, how may I help you? Yes, hello …

do you care about ghosts in schools too? Where are you calling again from? Father? Yes ~? What’s happening?

Ah, you found your cell phone! Oh, Hana? Did you break that No dad, it wasn’t me! Phew, yes yes.

You’ve been messing around with your phone too much anyway .

.. Won’t you buy me a new one It doesn’t work anymore! Why does a third grade girl need a cell phone? If you get a straight A the next time you work, I’ll buy you a new one.

Father!! The job is in two weeks how am I supposed to get a straight A? You just have to study very hard! This is the best option!

Father!! A straight one is too difficult how about a two? No A straight one.

This is not possible!

Or tell the guy who broke it to replace it. He doesn’t even go to my school! Not a straight one no cellphone. Roger that? Good luck!

My mobile phone! Aarghh! Why did she help me? Oh no! So what is that!

You can’t delete that at all! Ah, why is it all going wrong? Have a look. I told you so. Huh?

Do you see? What i mean is .. Hey, Kong Kong, you ask him. I?

You’re the one who thinks he’s suspicious. You ask him Frankie, you ask him. What? This one! Culi, Kebi keeps saying this is you.

Um .. this? It looks very different, doesn’t it ?!

Take a closer look! Round eyes! Jagged hair! Thin lips! That looks exactly like .

..! Ah! How?

Carry on, carry on .. What? Stop it! That is definitely a picture of you that a person has painted!

So please explain what happened! Cula! Hey Kebi! Don’t you see right anymore? How should the Cula be?

Everyone has round eyes.

This is a … a loaf, a loaf with round eyes!

That ragged hair. This is defined… a lazy man .

.. with round eyes! Isn’t that right, Cula? Um .

.. yes. Kebi, I am not! Ba!

Your weird behavior and that weird thing on your arm tell me that you went out into the human world and burned yourself in the sun! So no, why should Cula have gone out into the human world? He’s not stupid! After you, Cula is so stupid ..

. that he went out into the human world like a crazy idler with round eyes and that it was discovered by people in the light of day … Do you think that makes sense ?

! That is ridiculous. Thank you very much, Kong Kong. Could you please now get off my desk? Oh, sorry .

.. I guess I was too excited …

Ba, whatever … Cula! I will watch you!

Be careful. For someone who only has one eye, he has a pretty good eye. Hm …

maybe that one eye is very good? Ugh, why can’t this be deleted here .. My picture..

. Who deleted my picture ?! Oh, that’s right. Boy!

Back then he had deleted my scribble! Maybe he’ll come back here …

Let’s see.

Hm! Excuse me… Can I help you?

Ah! Let me introduce. Ah, just in time! You are here! Headmaster I called the Lord.

There are no ghosts in my school so please go away! In case you change your mind … Call me anytime.

Nice clean! Ah .. I fell asleep ..

. Huh? There you are again! What time is it what are you doing here All the lights are off. Ouch, my legs .

..! Ouch ..

.! My mobile phone! Please replace my cell phone! Your cell phone, I didn’t steal it.

When I got back to my locker … it was just in my portfolio. Which locker?

What do you mean? So, um … I found your cell phone in my portfolio .

.. I just wanted to put it back. Oh ..

. my cell phone suddenly grew legs and went in your portfolio and you just wanted to put it back? And should I believe you? You broke it! Replace it!

You are to blame! Huh? Why does he only have one eye? Hey ..


Who are they? Mon .. monster!

Is she dead? No, she’s not dead. Look how she’s drooling. Are you sure? I knew it!

I told you he was doing weird lately! Now we have to move because of you! Move?! He comes!

He comes!! People are far more dangerous than you can imagine. To stand against such people we have to do everything we can for our safety.

My goodness!

This can not be true! 10 minutes break! Don’t come any closer !! As long as she saw us we can’t just let go of her.

If we just let go of her, she’ll tell everyone about us and we’ll be done! There is no way of doing this! There is only one thing left. We have to leave them without a trace make it disappear ..

. No! Um …

well … if it really goes away we could be in danger. Why?

Because … um ..

. Um … missing children!

Missing Children? Yes! When children are missing all hell breaks out …

People will definitely turn school upside down to find me. Because school is the last place I’ve been. My god …

this is really dangerous … Very dangerous..

.! Weren’t you listening to the class? Because of the cell phones even small people are now dangerous! Oh right!

She doesn’t have a cell phone! Yes … I don’t have a cell phone!

He broke it! Hey shut up So don’t make a big theater And just let me go, I swear I won’t say anything She is right.

Think about it. If we make a big fuss about her then maybe we really have to move. Move?

! I don’t want to move! OK! As you wish! But if anything goes wrong .

.. then it’s your fault, Cula! Nothing will happen. Or?

Of course not! Bye! What …

Dad is working overtime again? Hmph … I’m the miserable elementary school student in the whole world .

.. Do I really have to live without a cell phone now …

? Oh, right … Cula, wasn’t his name?

vampire Huh, what’s that? They didn’t look so bad … He mentioned some locker .

.. A locker in which it fits …

Here’s a way … Huh? Why is only this locked here?

Oha! My God! You really live here! Pst, quietly! You promised not to tell anyone that you saw us and to forget that you ever saw us!

I didn’t say anything to anyone! Then forget that you have ever seen us! Just erase it from your head, please! We two must never meet again, understand ?!

I never want to see you again either! But you broke my phone and now you need to replace it ?! Hmph ..

One two! Microphone check! May I have your attention, please! Dear students of the primary school Bora !!

! Psstt … okay!

I will replace you! Finally, ha! Ok here! You can keep the change. Never come back here now.

Roger that? Huh Do you think I’m stupid ?! Is that replacing ?!

I need bills! Not such change !! Ahhhhhh What now! No cellphone.

..! Now I can’t get in touch with my friends ..

. ahhhh! Pst! Please be quiet be quiet! So you only get a new cell phone if .

.. I’ll replace you the money or you get a straight A the next time you work …

Correct? Then it’s really easy. All you have to do is get a straight A on your next job. Do you think that’s easy? If it’s easy, I wouldn’t have come to you at all!

If I don’t replace your cell phone … then you will come here every day, right? Yes!

You’re gonna bother me for the money all the time, right? Clear! And you will never give up, right? Naturally! Aaah!


I will help you learn. What? Hahahahahaha! Hahahahahahaha!

You help me? You?? My school teachers, my tutors, my teaching institute teachers ..

. Everyone couldn’t help me … And you want to help me get a straight A?

Yes. I can help you! Forget it! Ridiculous! No!

I can help you! Do you actually know what I’m learning? Sorry? I am 109 years old. What little people learn is child’s play for me.

Pah, whatever … I just need a cell phone It can’t hurt. Come to the classroom tonight.

5:30 am … okay? OK?

No, you don’t do that like that …


. so… The is a sign that two people made an unbreakable promise.

You’re not human … but, well ..

. No matter! You have now made a promise and you have to hold it now too! Man ..

. No matter what I do, there are fewer and fewer students. Haha …

your view still makes me happy. The best school in the district This is how it should remain. Yes! I beg your pardon? Do you want to help too?

Hahahahaha, you cute thing! You beautiful thing! The first lesson, with a lot of self-confidence! Here I am, miss! Huh?

What are you doing there? Child of man! How dirty! OK! When is the work?

That’s today, and that’s where the work begins. So we have about a week to study What? One week?! So little?

Why? You were so confident last time don’t you have any magical powers or something? In films and books they have it all …

Magical power…? Pah!

I am very disappointed in you …! You have to work for yourself nothing is free .

.. Huh ?! Always do your best until the end !

! Hm…

Somehow I feel betrayed .

.. come on Let’s start with Spanish. It’s a piece of cake. Child’s play?

Yes, what is this here, speak it up. Too heavy. Next! Let’s start with the simple words. Slowly, step by step.

Passport! You really don’t know Passport! Do you actually know what ‘pass’ means? Moment! I know!

‘Tomato’! Hahahaha how please? “Tomato”?! What is that supposed to be, how stupid!

‘To-ma-to’ No! ‘To-ma-te’ is correct! I’m not that good at Spanish, but I don’t forget words about food! You are definitely not good at Spanish. This is a ‘to-ma-to’.

‘To-ma-te’ is correct … Come on, imitate me. To!

To! Ma! Ma! To! To!

Tomato! Manno man, amazing … let’s go to the next one.

Next! Pizza! Wow .. man!

I think I’m a genius. Two correct ones in a row! Pizza …

pizza pizza pizza! Pizza pizza pizza! Yes! Um ..

Now I’m hungry… Ah ..

. I can’t concentrate when I’m hungry … Do you have something to eat Hey We just started learning!

Wow! Your fangs are really sharp! Have you ever bitten a person? How does blood taste Does everyone taste different? Do you think i taste good By men, women, adults and children who tastes best?

Watch out! Can’t you concentrate for a second …?

You can forget the straight one! You’re lucky if you don’t fail! Phew …

I’m tired after studying for a long time. Let’s get some sleep and move on with our minds clear OK? Hey- !! Is that what you call learning There is no time for naps!

Pull yourself together and remember the words here! Jirafa (giraffe) Dificil (difficult) Perra (dog) Huh? So what’s going on? What is she doing? Hey Hey are you okay So what’s going on?

Are you okay? Is everything ok? Pull yourself together!! Huh .


Huh? I fell asleep? How long did i sleep?

Um. Not long … just very briefly.

Come on. Let’s study. Funny…

What just happened ..? Once again! Once again!

So when you look me in the eye and tell me something then i get hypnotized, right? Yeah right. Oh! I think I’m already hypnotized! Do not exaggerate.

Help! Gosh no! Frankie could destroy the whole school like last time! I have to do everything too! Out of the way!

Ahh stop! Frankie … stop please !

!! Finished! Nobody will notice, will they? Looks as good as new .

.! Huh? Oh! There’s a stain there.

Do you know why I called you? Eh, no. Somebody broke my most precious trophy last night. Oh, who has ..

. That’s exactly what amazes me. So, what are you looking around won’t you do anything? Oh, yes, so ..

. what should I do? Find out instantly …

who did that !!! The bat’s wing is like rubber ..

. it consists of a thin and strong flight membrane … What is all of this supposed to mean here?

Oh! Exactly! You’re a vampire! Um. Yes and?

So … can’t you turn into a bat? Ah .

.. yes, of course. Excellent! Great!

I don’t understand from reading … But I think I’ll understand when I see a real bat What, yes and? Can you turn into a bat for me I’ll definitely get a straight A then.

Please for me? Yes? Yes please? No! You’re welcome!

No, definitely not! Please, please, please! No I do not want to! Please, I pray like that ..


You’re welcome! Pff, leave it if you don’t want to study. Always distracted ..

.! Oh …

you can’t transform at all, right? Yes, I can! Don’t worry, you don’t need to be upset. I can transform myself! I just don’t want to!

Yeah, whatever! Pff, my goodness … I just don’t feel good today .

.. I am a vampire. I am powerful! I can be what I want!

Hmph …

Can you really transform yourself this way? I have to go to the bathroom now .

.. Really, just be quiet I can not concentrate! Oh..

. I’m sorry Wow! My God!! It’s worked out!

It’s worked out! You managed! Now I know it! But ..

. why do you only have one wing? Hm .. no idea .

. Man! Ah..why doesn’t it work?

Please keep trying. Practice makes masters! Oh my God! How sweet! I don’t stand that!

You’re so sweet! I see! So this is what bat wings look like …

Now I know it! Wow! Thank you sweet thing! Wait, don’t bats have to fly? One moment.

Can’t you fly What? Ridiculous! Should i show you What was that? Here we go! Is everything okay here?

Headmaster! I heard a scream from somewhere … Oh that.

.. that was because of an insect, I was scared. There was an insect here somewhere ..

. Headmaster! I’m so scared now Could you accompany me to the school gate? Many Thanks! One moment!

Come on, headmaster! I want to get out of here quickly Hana …

Stop pushing me I’m afraid!

Phew … that was close Saturday 1 a.m.

? Exactly when the sun is burning ..? Do you want to meet in the middle of the day?

Many Thanks. Goodbye, Headmaster! Something is weird here …

Something is wrong here… Hm? So really .

..! Headmaster! The surveillance cameras are installed!

Hahaha … now there will be no more damage to school supplies in the future. Are you so happy Of course I’m happy!

Nobody will know how that feels. You finally did it, Hana. No! I didn’t do it alone but we made it! Huh?

We? Yes! Do you think I would have gotten a straight A without you? Definitely not. So thank you very much!

That’s why I’ve prepared something for you in return. So, put on sunscreen first What do you do? What are you doing? Where are you taking me Hey Hey wait! Wait a moment!

I’m not allowed out of school … Trust me and come with me We don’t go far So here we are! What kind of place is this here?

Speaking of which …

Why do you want a cell phone so badly? All of my friends have one and if only I don’t have one, that’s weird.

It feels like I’m being bullied. Bullied? Yes, there is. One who has no friends ..

. Like you How … please?

I am not bullied! I have you You are my friend I … i am your friend?

Of course you are my friend. We learn together, play together … And I showed you my favorite secret place Of course we are friends!

We .. we are friends? Actually, I was curious the whole time ..

. Why are you hiding in school? Well, because we were looking for a place where we can hide from people. A long time ago we lived together with people.

But one day people started attacking us.

Because we looked different from them … ..

. and then we were called monsters. If it weren’t for Mr. Reaper then all of us would not have survived. From protection from people’s attacks we have looked everywhere for a place where we can live in safety.

All the time we fled and hid. After such a long time… I suddenly had the thought .

.. I didn’t want to be born a monster at all. Is it my fault that I was born a monster? I was desperate.


And then we found this school. During the day it was full of human children but after a strange gong, they all disappeared. So we all have to hide here at school until we can live alone without help from Mr.

Reaper. Oh, that’s why you all live in school! Yeah, funny isn’t it? All the while we were fleeing from people ..

. to only live in the midst of people. Of course we can walk around at night …

How terrible.. Well …

better than terrible than dangerous. I’m sorry… I’m really sorry.

Everything that happened in the past … and the sufferings you are currently experiencing ..

. and all the bad things humans have done to you … I apologize for that.

But … you didn’t do anything. I know anyway .

.. Cula, not all people in the world are evil. Of course you may have noticed by now ..


but there are also good people like me. Ah! You laughed. So you admit it What.

.. So let’s go! Where? To school You should prepare to become independent!

What? But Mr. Reaper has to allow that …

Until when do you want to wait for permission! Come on, I’ll help you! Do not make a fool of yourself! How are you supposed to help me Last time I pretended I didn’t know, but ..

. you can’t fly, can you? What I mean is when people attack you all you have to do is transform yourself into a bat and fly away. So, it starts at three. One!

Flap your wings stronger! Come on, you’re still too weak, more strength! Full throttle! More quickly! One!

Two! One! Two! Good work! I think it’s done now.

I’ve always wanted to fly. Huh, what do you mean ?! We made all the effort just because you wanted to fly? Come on!

Where to? If we fly, we’ll be getting somewhere! Hey We fly! Hey, don’t make any nonsense! Hold on!

I can’t help it if you fall down! I have a question …

How do we fly back?

I don’t know the way … Headmaster! Headmaster!

We have a problem! Look at that! Huh? What’s this? I told you so.

It’s a ghost, a real ghost Pst! What if someone is listening? So what is that? A ghost in my school! My God.

..! Oh my godness! Should I catch him?

Bingo! Bravo! Your reputation precedes you! How did you find out right away that it was in that classroom ..

. Pst! What a babbler. I can’t work at all! Be calm!

Stop disturbing and go to work! They’re little rabble! A goblin! A chinese zombie! A zombie!

A Frankenstein? And the leader of the troop …

A grim reaper!

What? Are there five? And …

a blood-sucking vampire. Oh, please banish them asap. The costs have to be paid in advance, no discount and only cash …

! Ah, um … The school is in a difficult situation right now .

.. Oh yes! I will of course prepare the money. Hurry up!

Today is the last class of this semester. Some students have disappointed in their study … or did not work .

.. but some have developed astonishingly. But I know everyone tried That’s why we forget everything today and have a lot of fun! Surprise!

Hana … ??

? Don’t they look like the real thing? Like a real monster, right? If Mr. Reaper catches you, there will be trouble!

Go Go! Come on! Wow! What a cool party! Good music, good light .

.. This party is just to my liking! Ah ..

. hello! We all saw each other last time, right? Ah! You are the person who came last time!

Human? Cula! Did you continue to meet with this person in secret? Um ..


I can explain everything. No, I can explain everything. So what happened ..

. Hey Human! Please hold back! We will hear the explanation from Cula himself. Can you please explain all of this ?

! Why you secretly met the little man here and broke all the rules! And woe to the explanation is not good! Now? Yes, Cula, explain to them.

Huh? Do you want one too? Stop! Hey, do you think you can tempt us with lollipops? What kind of strange music is that?

That is much better! This is real music! Guys what’s wrong with the music? So what’s going on? Hello children!

Me …

People! You are the Chinese zombie!

You are the leprechaun! You are the zombie! You are frankenstein! And you..

. the Vampire? Be careful! Or you hurt yourself badly. This is my newest weapon that I invented .

.. it does not work on us humans with a warm body temperature. But on monsters like you ..

. Oh, the school is going to be completely destroyed! Ow! You could end like this! So stay quiet and don’t do anything stupid.

This laser has the same effect … Dont move! Boo!

Darn it! Oh! There! There he is! Stop!

Stop! Leave us in peace! Hahaha! Fooled! Lad, I am a hunter, a hunter!

Roger that? With these glasses your hypnosis has no effect on me. Goodbye boy Mr. Reaper! We have a problem!

Cula ?! The people, no a hunter …

So, a person called a hunter … Human? Hunter?

It’s all my fault… All have been captured! What do you mean captured?

One moment! I inevitably had to go to the human world … I met a girl there .

.. I just wanted to help her get a straight A in her work …

It was really like that. After that, I never wanted to meet her again. It’s all my fault. Oh how scared! Haha, no reason for the long face.

The lad is scared. Cula, run away! Get out now! Go Fast! Let it be!

The fellow should see the end of his teacher.

Wait a minute, boy. It will not take long. Run away quickly! Cula!

I’m sorry I wasn’t any better with you. I regret it. Oh, that’s hard. Mr. Reaper?

!! Mr. Reaper ..

. Mr. Reaper …

Uh … I think that girl is a student at our school. Oh, here!

It is not much.. Oh yes right. She is human after all. young lady Why did not you say anything?

Did this rabble threaten you? You are not a rabble! You are all my friends! Friends? My girl.

.. Humans and monsters can never become friends. Monsters belong here! And people out here!

We belong to different worlds … Do you understand it now? Oh no.

. What is happening to us now? Are you awake? Hey, Zizi. You escaped.

You wanted so much to live in peace alone are you happy now? Do you like being alone? Cula! I am always with you! Wherever you go I’m with you Oh yes.

.okay …

But .

.. Mr. Reaper ..

. Mr. Reaper! You were right! I will never meet anyone again!

I’m really sorry! Please forgive me! It’s all my fault. If I hadn’t met Hana ..

. Oh, here it is … As the old saying goes, do anything for friends .

.. True friendship I cannot survive alone. My friends and Hana they all need my help! I have to save her .

.. before it gets light! You are lucky.

Six monsters for a bargain .

.. That was good business for you, you know that? Ah yes..

. Well, I’m leaving now. I have a lot to do! Bye! Cula !

! That little troublemaker! I thought it was a shame that I missed you before, but here you are now. Why did you come back here? Let go!

Do you want to destroy the whole school? Ah? Hana! You are very quick. Enough with the gimmick, it’s over now, huh?

Fighting alone with a gun is cowardly! Put the gun down fight fair! Two against one! I ..

. I have to help … No!

How do you want to help with your condition. But the weak one with the big head does everything to help Cula … I can’t hide here and watch .

.. You want to seal your fate, don’t you? As you wish Any last words? Stop!

Do I have to take care of everything ?! Hana, step away! Everyone can learn and develop at this school! You always said that, sir!

The guys here, learn and develop in school.

Like you, Mr. Principal …

the boys love this school! I told you With these glasses your ability is useless. Well, what do we have here! What luck! Ugh.

.Cula Are not you tired? Stay there! Let’s see..

. What do i do with you How do you stop playing with such rabble and do you listen obediently to adults? Hey you there! Woe ..

. You are touching my friend! Huh …

you didn’t get enough? Cula, run away! He is crazy! What?!

Say that again, miss! Ow! What shoud that! You rabble! You both!

We are not a rabble! Ugh, you …


! Stop it. I will not allow violence against my students. Let go! You!

Which side are you on? Pay attention to what you say! Rabble ?! So what’s going on?

Why does not it work? Aha! You said that it is of no use to people with body temperature. Thanks to you, the sun warmed me up and now I’m really hot. Hahahaha, great!

Now it’s my turn, right? Take that! What happened after that? Thanks to my hypnosis, everything is fine now. Well .

.. I had to change a few things …

Child abduction? I beg your pardon That can not be! Hello, I can’t remember anything really! Be quiet! It’s too dark here!

I’m afraid! And Hana’s father, who almost lost his daughter to the hunter … Your grades?

I don’t care about your grades! What should a one use? It’s just a note! To be honest, when I was a student I got a three if I was lucky. Just stay healthy, okay?

Hmpf..dad .. I can not breathe.

.. You are the way you are, the perfect daughter for me, okay? Yes! My darling!

I love you do you know that Really! The school principal who saved Hana from the hunter …

was featured on the front page as the hero who saved the student.

Thanks to this, the school became famous as the ‘school that thinks first about the safety of students’ and many students wanted to enroll. What happened to Mr. Reaper? We had Zizi, the puzzle genius. Of course we could get him back.

Mr. Reaper! Mr. Reaper! Mr Reaper wanted to get away from school .

.. But after hearing Hana’s story, he changed his mind. You were right, Cula. Not all people are bad.

We stay here for the time being! Hooray! Hana can’t remember me now.

It was the best for us monsters. But I still think that Hana is my friend.

We had friendships so deep that we risked our lives for each other. That’s true friendship! If it wasn’t for Hana …

Then I don’t know how valuable the friends next to me are. Hello Zizi! My first philanthropist …

As always. Thanks to Hana, I have a new wish. That someday, humans and monsters without hating each other, live together in peace! And me in this wonderful world can live with my friends ..

. So! Who wants to bring it back this time? I! I want to go!

I’m first! You went the last time! Cula How about …

if we go together? What if people catch us …?

We can’t let that happen! No! Huh ?? If something like this happens .

.. then …

Puff! I just hypnotize them! Puff!.

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