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Coach Channel: Producers Darrell White & Kevin Kelley are Leading the Way

The Influencers: Exposure Network TV, the Network that First Published The Coach Channel

The advocacy video content distribution network Exposure saw a need to respond during the pandemic. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began to spread rapidly in March 2020, over 178,000 people have reported frequent suicidal ideation. 37 percent of people reported having thoughts of suicide more than half or nearly every day in September 2020. In response to the pandemic, the network aired programming- produced by Certified Professional Transformational Coaches from around the world. The Coach Channel today features Relationship Conflict Coach, produced by Darrell White, and Life By Design produced by Kevin Kelley.

Exposure Networks – COVID-19 pandemic

7. Cable TV Benefits People The way we consume media has changed dramatically in recent years. Though major television providers have said goodbye to cable TV, there is still a huge market for what it offers in terms of cost and selection. The New York Times suggests that those without cable can enjoy an estimated 5-hour of video streaming for around $8.95 per month, or $53 per year. According to a Forbes report, the cost of pay-per-view in the United States is more than $120. HBO Now, which offers fans a selection of high-quality TV shows, films, documentaries, and sports programming is only $15 a month. Recently, Exposure Network TV moved the Coaching Channel to the #1 most viewed channel on Roku.

Exposure Networks and The Coach Channel

Tam Lawrence, President, and Founder, of Exposure Network, launched Exposure Network in October 2019. She has a strong track record in media and television production and distribution and had been working with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline on developing a co-viewing platform for suicide prevention counseling. Exposure Networks became an affiliate of the National Crisis Intervention Team (NCIT), the consortium of over 30 counties from around the United States who provide this service and has contributed to the development and maintenance of over 500 co-viewing programs, each approximately 45 minutes in length, through its affiliate Screen. Learn more at The Coach Channel Contact: Jason Campbell [email protected]

Exposure Networks airs programming from certified professional transformational coaches

Kathy Baron, Vice President of Public Relations, Exposure Network, and Lisa Stein, Legal Counsel, both said that one of the purposes of the project was to give opportunities to those with strong self-confidence, who were encouraged to start their business, but lacked the resources to get the word out. “The experiences that have developed since Coach Channel emerged is only a fraction of what we are achieving and are continuing to achieve as a network,” said Baron. The Black Enterprise Magazine asked Baron about the future of Coach Channel and the COVID-19 pandemic. “We are excited about the programing we will be sharing 2021-22. You will see a noticeable change in Coach Channel, as well as the entire Exposure Network.

Darrell White and Kevin Kelley

Darrell White and Kevin Kelley are both certified renowned coaches are the most sought-after experts in the world for their ability to unravel and resolve conflict and relationship disruption. These two help individuals, couples, families, couples, businesses, and organizations to gain the power and confidence to attract the right relationships. Life By Design and Relationship Conflict television programming provides mental health, behavioral health, counseling, life coaching, and coach-retreat programs as well as professional development, presentations, and workshops to help people live the most fulfilling and joyful lives they can imagine.


The three aspects of behavioral change presented by the Coach Channel and Exposure were shown to impact hundreds of thousands of people around the world during the pandemic The lasting positive impact of the Coach Channel and Exposure among its influencers results in a change in the behavior of non-participants. Influencers saw an increase in their belief in the Coach Channel mission to inspire and improve well-being and a shift in their intent to act in their role of encouraging others. Influencers shared the content of Coach Channel with their followers, and they recommended the content to their friends.

Are you Certified Coach? Awesome Apply for Your Airtime Plan

Kevin Kelley & Darrell White both Certified Coaches Leading the Way

-Kathy Baron
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