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Exposure Network TV is a FREE streaming service that provides over 100,000 hours of family-friendly entertainment programming content that can be accessed from anywhere in 128 countries and is available on iOS & Android mobile devices, as well as smart TVs including Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, and Android TV.

In the past few years, we’ve seen an explosion of companies providing Smart TV Apps. These services allow you to stream movies and shows on your television without needing any cable or satellite package. The Exposure Network TV App offers video content from major movie studios like Disney and Warner Bros., talk shows such as Jackie Kallen the first Lady of Boxing and several, independent short films, sporting event is set to launch this summer.

In addition, there are educational programmings such as The Amazing Life Project produced by DrDenise Moore Revel, along with entertaining shows for example Speak Live Nation produced by Filmmaker Cedric Nettles.

Exposure Network TV is committed to providing a safe space for children with videos from beloved family-orientated producers curated by those participating in our Parent’s Choice initiative. There are also channels that offer music videos by popular artists or entertainment news so viewers can stay up-to-date on what’s happening in Hollywood and in their local communities. All of this content is available through the Exposure Network TV app downloadable on Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Android TV, Apple TV, along with iOS & Android mobile devices.

The first version of the app will include these channels: Exposure Max, Mogul Channel, What’s Your Super Power?, Inspire Channel, Punch Boxing, The Expert Channel, Black Home Shopping Channel, Speak Live Nation, Uniquely Designed, Out of the Ring with Jackie Kallen, Best of Gospel “faith-based,” Mind, Body, & Soul, and a host others programming will be announced in the coming months, Summer of 2021.

Exposure Network TV, a family-friendly content streaming service that was launched in 2019 by parent company Aart & Kingsley Agency, has announced this global expansion at an important time as consumers are switching to video viewing habits. This change impacts Exposure Network’s focus on providing diversity, tourism, relatable content for minorities and others.

Media plays a role in how we all see the world we live in, from how we view other ethnic groups, what we think of different lifestyles, and what we know about health risks. It’s time to give families more options for a better world.


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